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AccountableAuthority : The Database of Corrupt Officers

This site is helping to clean up police departments all over the country, purging bad officers who have a history of illegal arrests, false reports, excessive force, sexual assault, extortion, racism, and more.

Our Mission

To keep a publicly accessable record of complaints against officers to create a solid foundation for their dismissal from public office, realease of false charges against their victims, and criminal and civil prosecution against them.

Much like a community watch organization, we allow for people to connect and share information on corrupt cops in their neighborhood. The advantage of using this public database instead of reporting to police agencies, is that the agencies typically keep this information and the results of their investigations on these claims a secret. This could be because corruption reaches the top of the organization, or it could be to keep a clean image for the department and prevent any civil liability that might arise from actually admitting they have a corrupt officer employed.

The Accountable Authority Act

Please review and add to our proposed police accountabilty act. This is a very important change that we need to make to current laws. If police are not afraid of any consequences to their actions, they will act more and more carelessly. Instead of one person writing this law, we are building it from scratch from the ideas of people like you. Please contribute your ideas to this law! Once we feel it's complete, we will have a professional edit it into the proper wording and formatting, and start petitions to have it passed as law at both state and federal levels. You can see what we have so far and leave your comments here:

Spread the word #AccountableAuthorityAct and send your suggested additions!

Who does it benefit?

This site will benefit the following people

 • Those who are wrongfully accused of crimes, or victims of planted evidence, coercive confessions, etc.
 • Those who are injured by an officer acting outside of his duties and responsibilities to the community.

Let's say you are falsely accused of a crime, or there are circumstances where your constitutional rights were violated but can not be proven. Research the officer on this site. If the officer is listed, your attorney might be able to use past complaints of similar circumstances in your defense.

Whether you have been charged with a crime or not, you should report all illegal police activity. Many people are afraid to report it, because they fear retaliation. This is typically not the case. But unfortunately, when these crimes go unpunished, you're only helping that officer hurt more people.

Isn't there a government agency you can report this to?

Yes. However, you will usually get the runaround, and not much will come of the investigation. That's why we started this site.

The district attorney's office would be the one to prosecute criminally in cases where there is an assault by an officer, theft, fraud, etc. The district attorney will recommend that you file a complaint with the officer's agency. They might do an investigation but will typically not tell you the results. If they find that this officer should be charged criminally, they will make a complaint and file it with with DA, who will take it to court. However, if the criminal act of the officer was one that is distorted and embraced by the department as simply an act of heroism against crime - you can be assured that it will not be reported to the DA. Even if it is, the DA has no legal obligation to press charges - perhaps that officer brings in many of the criminals with false statements that make it easy for the DA to prosecute.

Is this just for the US?

No! At the moment we don't have any other postings from other countries, however we would like to encourage anyone visiting from outside of the US to post your complaints!

Should I file a complaint with the officer's agency?

Absolutely. While we have a great deal of information on officers here, a department can deny any knowledge of any incident if it has not been reported to them. This is their easy way out. If you submit the complaint by mail, send it certified, and put the tracking number on your post to this website. While most people are scared of retaliation by an officer, imagine the consequences if this officer is allowed to continue this behavior and injure other people.

Be safe. If you file your complaint and you go to a police station for an interview about the complaint, be safe by letting a few people know where you are going, why you are going, and even have a few of your friends search you. This way you have additional witnesses who can testify that you did not have anything illegal in your possession if the officers try to plant anything on you such as drugs or a weapon. Make sure that no illegal or threatening items can be found on your person or in your car. Have a friend come with you. Even if they can't come into the interview room, they can wait outside and will reduce the chances of something bad happening. If you are concerned that the department or it's officers are racist, bring a friend of an ethnicity that would not be threatening to the officers.

It's not just criminals who shouldn't talk to cops:

How can I help?

The best way to help is to keep an eye out for suspicious police activity. It is generally not an idea to engage the police, especially if they are acting in misconduct, as it may result in your arrest. However, if you suspect they are engaging in misconduct, try to keep your distance. If you can take pictures or video, even if all you have is your cell phone. Try to get the officer's name and badge number. Do not interfere with his activity, as he could claim that you are obstructing justice. Report any information you have to this website. If you can talk to the person being harassed by the officer, tell them you will post this incident to If the two of you can communicate confidentially through this site, then there is a greater chance you can cause the agency to terminate the officer.

If you are unfortunate enough to be the person targeted by the actions of a corrupt officer, try to remember as many details as possible. Get the officers name - he will usually have this first initial and last name on his uniform, and will have an ID number. Make sure you get the correct name of the agency - it is important that you do not confuse Culver City PD for Los Angeles PD, although they are not always easy to tell apart and operate on opposite sides of the street.

Got him on video?

Upload the video to and use the embed code to post the video to this site in your complaint.

An example.

Officer Smith doesn't like young people. He profiles them constantly. He pulls over Johnny for going 37 MPH in a 35 zone. He asks Johnny to get out of the car, and plants marijuana on him. Johnny is arrested and charged with possession. Johnny finds out that the video from Officer Smith's police car clearly shows officer Smith planting the drugs. Johnny files a complaint with the police department, but they refuse to tell him the results of the investigation. Johnny also reports this incident anonymously to, naming the officer who arrested him. He sends that to the police department, asking for a thorough investigation and response.

A month later, Mike is pulled over By Officer Smith. Officer Smith plants evidence on Mike, but this time he is smart enough to hide it from the camera. Mike hires an lawyer. His lawyer tries to ask the police department for a list of similar complaints against the department. The department somehow can't find any record of this report, or the judge deems it unrelated and does not show it to the Mike's lawyer, if he even acknowledges it's existence. However, Mike's lawyer also checks He finds that there have been previous reports of Officer Smith planting evidence. Although he doesn't know Johnny's name or email address, he can send him a message asking for details about when he filed his complaint. Mike's lawyer can use that additional information to cite a specific incident that Officer Smith's department should have on file. He can also ask Johnny to testify against Officer Smith's credibility and in Mike's Defense.

Many officers will tell you "once a criminal, always a criminal". Well if that's true, then any officer committing these crimes should be immediately removed from their position as a public servant. Many officers will repeat the same crimes over and over again. But since their actions result in a higher conviction rate by the department, and also because of unions, an officer committing illegal acts can be employed for many years. Sometimes these bad cops end up killing someone, and even then, their employment can sometimes continue.

Criminals need to be in jail, not working for the police department.

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Recent Complaints

Officer: Arcara, Richard (DISHONORABLE JUDGE) United States District Court Western Region of NY, buffalo NY (U.S.D.C.) 03/23/2015 I filed a legit case to The United States District Court Western District of New York in Buffalo New York. On September 12, 2014. Dishonorable Judge Richard Arcara . Has dismissed it. Making up false allegations, also put the conplaint under a false filong nature of suite as a 550 prisoner civil rights. When I was nlt a prisoner and it had nothing to do with any arrest. Clearly this judge is... more...

Officer: Kozak, Chief Bryan (CHIEF) Chey Wyoming , Cheyenne WY (P D) 02/08/2015 I was moving on May 25, 2013. Juan Carlos Mesa Barria broke into my car and broke into a locked box which contained 6 years of savings so my husband and I could buy a house. He stole every penny over the cost of the house leaving only enough to buy house. Any other thief would have stolen the entire box contents. On May 27 he had another accidental opportunity to get in that box. A simple... more...

Officer: Services, Warrants (UNKNOWN/REFUSED TO GIVE) Niagara Falls Police Warrants Division, Niagara NY (N.F.P.D.) 08/29/2014 At about 12:00 PM August 28, 2014, I went to the warrants department as told by the police officer who did attempt making proper police report, Clearly they are changing and messing with it. Or disregarding it totally. More like the guy at the desk at warrants department at 12pm does not know the laws or his job. He should have badge and license to carry weapon revoked indefinitely. Due to... more...

Officer: MALUCHNICK, PO (ID 17124) Niagara Falls Police Department, Niagara Falls/ Niagara NY (N.F.P.D.) 08/28/2014 A few times I went in person and this same officer refused to accept the ADAM WALSH ACT which mandates every law enforcement State, Federal, and Local Law Enforcement to enter the information of missing child into the "NCIC" National Crimes Information Center, with in 2 hours of report. Also the (PROTECT ACT) requires every Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement to report case of missing child... more...

Officer: Violante, Michael (D.A.) District Attorney, Niagara NY (D>A.) 08/27/2014 Complaint on District Attorney of Niagara County Michael J. Violante The Attorney General said try to go to the D.A. if the police and the internal affairs are corrupt. I have called numerous times left messages no response in person they just say the DA is not there to take report. It is a police or family court matter. exactly proof they disregard laws just like the police and the State Police... more...

Officer: Nunley, Trey (65) Sheriff's Department, Rutherford TN (RCSO) 08/27/2014 Case # 69435 My father, suffering from a mental disorder, threatened to stab me with a screwdriver. Then my father called someone, to this day I still don\\\'t know who. (I suspect the neighbor) The argument my father had initiated that morning continued. I directed my mother to call the police. The Rutherford County Sheriff\\\'s Department arrives, I report my father\\\'s crime to deputy Michael... more...

Officer: Wojtsaszek-Gariano, Honorable Kathleen (N/A) Niagara Falls Family Court, Niagara Falls NY 08/19/2014 This is outrageous! A family court out of Niagara Falls New York is corrupted and or just gender biased, maybe my religion, maybe they are just against me in general. I know I have sent multiple complaints, to the wrong office on my mistake. I thought the 8th judicial Conduct since an office in Buffalo I could drop my complaint there, dealing with this courthouse. Now only they have acknowledged... more...

Officer: Violante, Michael (DA) District Attorney, Niagara Falls Niagara NY (D.A.) 08/14/2014 I keep requesting something be done about this international parental kidnapping clearly the D.A. is ignoring and refusing to do absolutely anything. Maybe due to the fact I am proving that the NFPD is corrupted. They clearly are trying to cover each other. So I attempted one last time to request and they just send me to voice mails. A waste of time and pointless to even attempt. No responses... more...

Officer: Cain, Carl (14-0043) Niagara Falls PD Internal affairs, niagara falls/ niagara NY (NFPD) 08/12/2014 The Niagara falls PD ignore kidnapping and international parental kidnapping.. proof my 2 children kidnapped to TX NOV 2012 abused neglected after long wait of family courts they refuse to do anything..Court orders disregarded by the police signed by a judge. Currently international parental kidnapping July 14,2014 my 2 month old at the time kidnapped to Canada even though the national center for... more...

Officer: Barrett, Toney (306) 08/11/2014 Officer Tony Barrett stating he followed two neighborhood kids who where throwing rocks entered my home without knocking, and walked into my bedroom.. the children closed the door behind them and went to get there mother. He informs the mother that if they where doing. After the mother agrees not to let the incident happen again, officer Barrett says "OK get the f**k out and don't let me see... more...

Officer: lewis, chris (?) drug task force, slayton/murray MN (buffalo ) 08/08/2014 I spelt some things wrong on my last compalaint so im gonna rewrite on probation ,he showedup at my apt and said lets go for a drug test I said ok.when we got there he kept asking when i used last I said over a yaer .he said he didn't believe me and continued o asking questions about othwer people and grilling me about lieing .he was mainly looking for meth.when I asked what the test came... more...

Officer: lewis, Chris 46, slayton/ murray MN 08/07/2014 He halled Me in for a drug test cause I'm on probation and belittled me and didn't believe me when I said I wasn't using.he asked for my meds and gave me shit about how many I was on and if I should be driving on them.kept calling me a list.I passed the rest at the jail.and cause I thought he would tamper with it I went an hour later to the hospital and paid our of my own pocket for a drug test... more...

Officer: Jacob, joseph 28, orange NJ 08/07/2014 My boyfriend was falsely and brutaly arrest.... more...

Officer: lewis, chris 08/06/2014 Same as above harassment and accusations.... more...

Officer: Abanilla, Rolando (NOT KNOWN) Park Rangers, San Diego CA 08/05/2014 Officer Abanilla and his partner were responding to a complaint of loud noises coming from our campsite in the Cleveland National Forest. We rented it for the weekend and were in the middle of nothing but tree's and shrubs. We had a DJ playing music till about midnight but that ended and the noise had subsided. Officer Abanilla and 2 other rangers and 6 homeland security officers descended... more...

Officer: Quezada, None Given (2272) El Paso Police , El Paso TX (Dept) 08/04/2014 Ticketed for 3 violations ... more...


Officer: Some Employees, Some Employees (X) 07/23/2014 Seen most of them police employees in the cities and areas West to the San Jose region involved in simulated situations of impersonating other people's actions and behaviors, specifically the ones they target. This makes the area more noisy and hyped up and can sometimes be a nuisance after some time. More like harassment and stalking. Also seen some involved in littering by targeting specific... more...

Officer: Davis, Joshua (???) Shakopee, Shakopee MN 07/19/2014 I would write everything that Officer Davis has done wrong, however, it would be as long as a book. All I have to say is that Officer Davis is not a truthful cop. I truly feel that the only reason he became an officer is to bully citizens- ruin lives --> makes him feel good. There is something very wrong with this man. ... more...

Officer: Clark, Jebadiah (20) 07/18/2014 Officer Clark used unwarranted, excessive force on a disabled grandmother who complained to the police about an ongoing, severe noise disturbance on on her street. Officer Clark picked this woman up, from behind, lifted her off of the ground, slammed her down head-first into the pavement, then grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head into the pavement two additional times. He then... more...

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