Report ID: 129
Department: kalamazoo county, Kalamazoo MI (kcsd)
Officer: Rought, Rodney (7121)


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On: 03/31/2014

Police, defending attorney, and prosecuting mis-conduct. police: Abuse of power, false testimony, perjury, destruction of evidence, malicious prosecution, violation of 4th amendment etc etc


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On: 03/31/2014

I am writing you in hopes that someone will listen and help! I have been wrongfully convicted of operating and maintain a meth lab. I am to be sentenced to prison on April 14th, 2014. I have lost 1 home, my 14 year old daughter tried taking pills to kill herself over this, my mom is losing her mind, I lost my job, and I had to sell everything I own to hire another attorney. I am going to give a brief list of all the things that have happened to me since May 25th 2013 over this case. Everything I state can be easily proven if not with what I have on my person than with the trial transcripts we have ordered. Kalamazoo County Sheriff Officer Rodney Rought has had it out for me in a bad way since 1993 when he was an undercover officer. He would harass all my friends about me back then, anyways he is the main person behind all of what I am about to say. Please I need help and don’t know what else to do.
1. May 25, 2013 911 call from my neighbor possible gunshot/suicide at my address possible victim Jason sears. (roommate)
2. State police Officer Dan Lewis and KCP Alan Miller arrive, make contact, verify no injury in my home, and wave off emergency responders
3. Officer Rodney Rought shows up and walks right past me into my house and goes room to room. I immediately inform him that the other officers already verified nothing was wrong in my home and that he needed to leave my home and go talk to the neighbors to find out where the explosion came from.
4. A few more words and again I requested him to leave my home. Officer Rought steps right up in my face and tells me he knows where the explosion came from me. That’s when I noticed the other 2 officers followed us in and I was now surrounded in my own home.
5. For an hour and a half I was interrogated, searched, intimidated, and harassed into trying to make me give him consent to search my home. I refused and then I was locked in the back of a police car until he drafted a search warrant up.
6. He lied on the search warrant and said he found a meth pipe on me and that I stated I used it for smoking meth. In his police report and testimony in court he calls it an altered pen and that I never stated it was for smoking meth.
7. He took everyday items from my home some of which cannot be used for making meth all in their original containers. 3 items were sent to the lab all came back negative for controlled substance.
8. My home is condemned even though nothing illegal was found in my home, no scales, packaging material, tubing, glass wares, eye droppers, meth, filters, foils, or anything at all related.
9. I was just given a ride to pick up my truck from work where my roommate Jason had drove it to work. Unknown to me there was a trash bag in the back that had cut matches, empty iodine bottles, 1 empty pill box, a Mt Dew 2 liter, a white shirt, and some cigarette butts.
10. 4 adults lived in my home and he did not talk to none of them, nor attempted to finger print the items or retrieve DNA. Everything that he took he destroyed by May 29th, 2013 leaving me no way to prove my innocence.
11. Between motion to suppress, pretrial, and trial officer Rought committed many acts of perjury, false testimony, and making up evidence.
12. Prosecuting Attorney Jeffery Gettings was my attorney in 2004 for a similar case.
13. My Attorney kellie Selleck never met with me about the trial or nothing. After the trial started she informs me that she was sick and forgot to mail out all 8 subpoenas and failed to admit any of my evidence. We never even had a motion of discovery or nothing. I was able to get 1 person on the phone to show up to testify and that was it.
14. I was found guilty, I was in shock and asked my attorney about appeals and she told me she doesn’t do appeals and that the judge will give me a piece of paper at my sentencing.
15. I sell everything I own and hire John Dalian out of Grand Rapids, he files a motion for new trial and a Gunther Hearing.
16. Judge Johnson denied them both and simple kept saying what difference would it make if I had witnesses or evidence at my trial. He wouldn’t even listen at the motion to suppress hearing.
17. I filed a grievance against my Attorney kellie Selleck for insufficient counsel. I have heard nothing on that yet. On March 4th I sent a request to Prosecuting Attorney Jeffery Gettings informing him of misconduct by Officer Rought, Destruction of evidence, my defense attorney’s actions and asked him to please look into it. Again I received no response.
18. I filed a formal complaint against Kalamazoo County Officer Rodney Rought with Sheriff Fuller and haven’t heard anything from that yet.
19. I am at a loss and running out of time. I have a hard time believing that nobody cares that this is being allowed to happen. If nothing else but the fact that he entered my home without consent, without an emergency, without a warrant, and without probable cause. Than to surround me for 1 ½ hours in my own home against my will, while having me scared for my life. That single act alone I would think would be enough to cause concern.
20. I am pleading with you to please look into it. Everything I stated is easily proven.

Thank Your for your time and any help you can give in this matter.

Patrick E Fredericks

Plainwell, Mi, 49080
Case #13-4565

Complaint Filed

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On: 03/31/2014

I first filed a complaint against Kelli Selleck for insufficient counsel i am still waiting a response.
I filed a complaint about police and defending attorney mis-conduct with prosecuting attorney Jeffery Gettings. I never got any response back.
I filed a formal complaint and request for investigation against Kalamazoo county officer Rodney Rought.. I am currently waiting for a response.


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