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On: 06/07/2014

Below is letters that my husband and I have sent to the mayor ,and all members
of the Pasadena police department ,Sir they acted as if they cared ,however they
were just doing a song and dance ,because as we know now that there is
corruption within all ,that being said. Sir we are a gay couple we just moved
here in January of this year ,and the reason we moved was to get away from
harassment,bullying and more by the Boston Police Department, because of a
illegal crime called GANG STALKING that is out of control, it goes into law
enforcement and turn great officers in the worst people in the world .
Sir we have a big case in Boston now and many officers are involved ,I was even
attacked by one and the dogs they had attacked me too,( there is video of the
attack) ,Sir at present our life is hell as you will read the letter that I have
sent for help will explain, also they assigned an officer Cass to the case
,however it came to light that he was not there to help and the people doing
this illegal crime kept pushing feeling they had more power to live on our roof
24 hours a day and take our privacy away from us,also the FCC is starting to
check things out because they try to jam our phone signals so we can't make
calls daily,.
Sir we have already gotten the Commissioner of Police in Boston on the case also
,now we ask you and the others to help this stop before someone get hurt or
killed out of hate and a illegal crime that can be handled with a few people
being caught and arrested .We will be looking for your attention to this matter
in hopes that you will have a heart and think what if that was my family what
would I do .
Please take the time to read up on this out of control crime "GANG STALKING " it
is something that must be exposed and I hope you and your team and the Boston
Commissioner can bring it to the light ASAP .
Below are letters sent for pleas of help and nothing has happened:
We are a gay couple and we just moved here from Boston Mass due to that we were
in fear of our life due to corrupt cops and a lawsuit against neighbors,due to a
illegal crime call "GANG STALKING " this is a crime that is crazy and must be
stopped now ,the thing that gets me is that they use fake papers to enter where
you live and get people to join in saying you are a threat and it is all fake
just to get to watch your every move and your privacy is taken away from you.
As for us we are currently living in Pasadena Ca and they are illegally camping
out on the roof of our condo building 24 hours a day listening to every word and
watching every move we make ,so Brandan and I are asking for someone to help us
,contact us and let us talk about this crime and how we can work together to
make it stop because many people have been hurt and live hit rock bottom due to
these lies they put on the web about you and your love ones.
Recently Brandan went to the Pasadena Police Dept. And was told by one of the
officers that it is better to let it go and about his friends and family that
officers that it is better to let it go and about his friends and family that
had HIV and still he didn't take my Stalking complaint and did write any notes.
My question is : if I was a woman with the same issue would he have cared or was
he part of the "Gang Stalking " crew.
Please read about it ,it's called "Cang Stalking" and it is illegal !!!!!!Please
help us and call us for more info ,we have video and pics and papers to back
what is going on .
Thank you very much for taking time to listen to us,
Brandan -617-459-8539
1 Feb 2014
355 S Madison Ave, #320
Pasadena, CA 02128
Commissioner Evans:
I am writing to you and the Boston Police Commissioner’s staff in a plea for
Starting approximately 1 year ago in January 2013 myself and my partner Ziggy
Dash began to be the victims of a systematic, organized campaign of hate,
bigotry and discrimination. This hateful pursuit was executed by Boston Police
Officer Allison Eng, Boston Police Detective John Gould, attorney Ellen
Sullivan, Tara Ormond, William Weinold, Jessica Weinold and most assuredly
others (unnamed in this correspondence.)
The harassment escalated to such an extreme that we were driven out of our
beloved condo at 149 Webster Street, #3 in Jeffries Point, East Boston. In
fact, we fled to live and work in the Los Angeles, CA area in January 2014.
Attorney Ellen Sullivan initiated this hate based bias crime in collusion with
Detective John Gould for the sole purpose of forcing us out of our home based on
our sexual orientation. False noise complaints, incident reports based solely
on heresy, fabricated assault & battery charges by Officer Allison Eng,
ridiculous and bizarre criminal complaints generated with use of illegal
surveillance upon us at our home were all employed as tools to achieve their
goal. In fact, illegal surveillance of our lives was fully executed from 149
Webster Street #2, the condo owned and occupied by Tara Ormond, and can be
verified with evidence.
Reference to these statements can be verified with review of following:
-Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination Docket No. 13BPR02125 / HUD No.
01-13-0510-8 now in the 6th month of investigation
-Boston Police Internal Affairs IAD2013-0405 (surely to make it’s way to your
office soon)
-Complaint for Internal Affairs investigation of Detective John Gould (attached)
& history of discriminatory behaviors per Commonwealth of Massachusetts Civil
Service Commission Case No: G1-13-78.
-Multiple police reports per Boston Police search of 911 call log, incident
reports & criminal/civil complaints for our former home address 149 Webster
Street, #3 in East Boston.
Detective Gould even contacted our legal counsel, attorney Jeffrey Wiesner,
recently and launched numerous lies, threats and ultimatums:
1. 'Brandan and Ziggy are merely living in a hotel near 149 Webster Street, and
have not moved to California.'
2. 'Brandan and Ziggy filed a complaint at the Board of Bar Overseers against
2. 'Brandan and Ziggy filed a complaint at the Board of Bar Overseers against
their previous attorney.' (tho Detective did not even provide the name of the
person in this alleged complaint at the BBO). We in fact filed a complaint at
the BBO against Ellen Sullivan, whom has NEVER been our legal counselor.
3. 'Ellen Sullivan is an awesome attorney, and you do NOT want to spar with
her.' Detective Gould obviously reveals the long standing collusion he has had
with Ellen Sullivan.
4. Bill Weinold wants a career in law enforcement, and really doesn't wan
anything to do with this fight with Brandan and Ziggy. This is quite the
contrary to the campaign of hate, bigotry and discrimination that Bill Weinold
fully participated in for over a year now.
5. Detective Gould noticed that Brandan does not have a criminal record, and he
would hate to see that change. The simple truth is that I am NOT guilty of the
criminal disturbing the peace and criminal harassment charges issued for a clerk
magistrate hearing. I'm very well aware of the risks, and I know that the truth
is I am innocent and I am going to pursue a complete dismissal of such
ridiculous, ludicrous charges. This feigned expression of empathy for me is so
transparent as a futile attempt to threaten me.
6. If Brandan and Ziggy really want a reasonable resolution - ie dismiss all
MCAD and Boston Police internal affairs investigations, and Detective Gould
would see what he could do about dropping the summons to the clerk magistrate
hearing for both Ziggy and myself on 27 Februrary 2014.
Detective Gould, simply put, is guilty being the mastermind of a campaign of
bigotry, hate and discrimination against myself and Ziggy Dash for more than one
year. I urge you and your staff to learn more about the illegally activities of
which Detective Gould is engaging by researching ‘gang stalking’ via an online
Google search or at Enclosed is some excerpts that
Now that Ziggy and I have permanently moved to the Los Angeles area we are now
even more frightened and desperate because the harassment, stalking and illegal
surveillance are still happening here at our new home! We are certain that we
continue to be victimized because Detective Gould, Officer Eng and attorney
Sullivan in particular do not want our ongoing investigations at MCAD and Boston
Police Internal Affairs to continue.
We beg and entreat you to help us to stop this illegal, immoral and
unconscionable hatred to destroy our lives. Please help us!
Ziggy Dash & Brandan Jordan
cc: Michelle Phillips, Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
Jeffrey P. Wiesner, Stern Shapiro Weissberg & Garin, LLP
March 4,2014
To Whom It Really Concern,
I'm writing this letter to express my disappointment and shame for those who are
suppose to protect and serve us people. Well what a bunch of "SHIT" ,my husband
and I reached out for help in a very important matter and at first it seemed
that your department was going to stop and really take time and do something
that your department was going to stop and really take time and do something
great,however it was not that at all , having a good friend who is a private
Investorgator ,I learn a little different thing occurred while we were out of
town last weekend.
This is how it went and how it should have went: Sit back relax and enjoy the
ride of Corruption in the Police Department again !!!! Well however it may be I
will rest until it is exposed and all the parties ,and because again it was not
taken serious at all now others have joined in on this FOUL and SHITTY illegal
game/sport called "GANG STALKING ",really is now gotten to a level that there
will be blood or who knows someone getting killed !!, because you took it upon
yourselves to assign OFFICERS whom are suppose to up hold the law and not break
it or even think of letting it get out hand !well it doesn't appear it was
handled in this manner .
My friend the Investorgator did a little digging and it was brought to his
attention that they were told to stop doing the illegal harassment ,bullying on
the roof and to take it someplace inside ,however if they continued to use the
roof at 355 south Madison ave that they would be taking a risk of being caught,
NOW tell me is this the correct manner it should have been handled?, just a
added note the complex next to this unit many of the residents have video of the
mayhem on this roof also.
So I say how is this matter of unprofessionalism going to be handled ,as for me
I will not stop with my campion to rid this complex of these Assholes that take
all our rights away from us daily,just because they are evil and heartless and
This letter is to state that it is poignant to have to keep reaching out for
hope and approbation to have this stop now . We know it is illicit to do what is
being done by everyday people,members of law enforcement and others,if I'm wrong
I will say it ,however I know that there are always a bad seed among us.
So just be aware that I will be setting up interviews with media outlets,other
state and government officials here and in Boston Mass. Also Sprint and FCC will
be inspecting the jamming of signals,we are already doing things to expose what
was done and wasn't done due to cover up and others taking care of their own,it
is sad that others are acrimonious . So my request is to hopefully get real
service and not a song and dance ,because I will not leave out how this was done
for the benefit of someone else and not my husband and my safety or well-being.
I reach out to you to put someone else on this case that can be trusted and will
do what is important for us and others in this complex and others around the
world that is going though this illegal thing called "GANG STALKING "
Thank You Very Much and I Hope The Next Time We Meet All Is In Good standings
and at peace
Brandan and Ziggy
355 south Madison ave #320
Pasadena Ca. 91101
Thank you for

" Hate Is A Bad Color, What Is Your Color?"
" I Hope Only "RED" A Shade We Can Love"....


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On: 06/07/2014

To Whom It May Concern ,

My name is Zach "Ziggy" Dash, I'm sending you some papers and I'm reaching out for your help and attention to this matter, that seems to want to never go away but just make our life a living hell.

I hope all the letters that we are including will help you understand our fight to get our life back and to expose this hateful crime . We know we are not the only ones this has happen/ happening to at this moment,and we have engaged all the powers to be and as you can see we were told to contact you so we hope you can put some fire under the people needed to get this to stop now and forever.

I will try to include our letters to the FBI and others and we even have the anti corruption team in Boston on the case along with ,the mayor,the AG, and more and we have had a few officers at the Pasadena police department out and well it turned out the first officer Cass was involved with the stalking and not trying to help,( I have recording of our chats) ,then we had two other officers appeared at our door late at night ,as they did in Boston ,because of this illegal crime call Gang Stalking, and then we have attended town meeting to voice our concern and was shut down ,so as you can see that we thought that the ones who were here to serve and protect were just serving to commit a illegal crime .

We were told by Lt. V. Gourdikian not to worry and we even met with him and instead of him giving us hope he stated or repeated things to us only we have done or said in our home (yes we have a recording also) because our home is under 24 hour illegal watch by these people and now it won't stop unless someone with a kind heart and someone who wants to take a stand for what is fair and right,and something tells me you are the one to do this.

Sir please read and play the disc that is included it explains the whole gang stalking thing ,I'm scared to leave my home due to fear of being attacked as before in Boston Mass. by an off duty Police Officer ( we have recordings) yes all these events are documented ,we just want to get our life back and hopefully help some other people too.

As I've said many times for them to stop flying choppers overheard its a waste of tax dollars ,they can get a rookie cop that is honest and put him over at 350 south Oakland ave. and they can see the people on the roof of our building 355 south Madison ave doing this illegal crime,and get a few to come hang in the building to see the others who spend hours slamming doors ,stomping up and down the hallway in front of our unit also .

So I say thank for your attention to this pressing matter and hope to hear from you,if you had an email address I would have contact you sooner, any how thanks again ,and may you and your family and staff enjoy life to its fullness.

Thank you

Brandan & Zach

Complaint Filed

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On: 06/07/2014



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