Report ID: 15
Department: Police Department, Pomona CA
Officer: McKnight, William (UNK)


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Posted By: Anonymous (send a private message)

On: 06/19/2011

Islamophobia, rudeness, exceeding lawful police authority, Discrimination against a person because of religion.


Posted By: Anonymous (send a private message)

On: 06/19/2011

I am Muslim, and I like trains. On 3 November, 2009, I went to the Downtown Pomona train depot. I was with a friend, and we arrived at 1451. Some Pomona Traffic cops saw us within a few seconds of our arrival and after meeting with eachother decided to detain us for an investigation of terrorism based solely on my status as a Muslim. I am religiously very conservative. I do not, in anyway support or condone terrorism. If I was to see someone behaving in a suspicious manner, I would most definltely report it. I stated this at one point, that if I saw someone screaming \"death to America\" I would report it...I got a response of something like \"but they have a right to freedom of speech\" like they would not do anything about that. What about my first amendment right to freedom of religion? I was forced to take my niqab off and my hijab as a public place. I had a ham radio, which I am legally licensed by the FCC to posses and operate. Corporal McKnight was the main instigator. He wasted little time in saying \"well, I\'m Jewish and ALL Muslims are TERRORISTS!\" He told me that \"if you were not Muslim, we would not be stopping you now.\" He launched into a tirade over Israel, like \"we are good and YOU are bad!\" His tirade just went on and on. He told me how \"bad\" my people are...and that \"we have been dealing with you people for 60 years,\" among many other things. I had a copy of flight simulator and he described it as \"suspicious.\" He made insinulations that I am mentally ill, and wanted to know what psych drugs I am on. I said I am not on any. \"But you were, weren\'t you?\" He didn\'t believe that I never was on psych drugs. He told me that I really SHOULD be on psych drugs. He got Los Angeles County Sherriff involved. They made some comments too, but Corporal McKnight really took the cake. He was the big instigator...he said very loudly in front of many of the other officers involved \"there is only ONE thing you have to remember...SLEEPER CELLS!!!!\" But what else can you expect from someone who earlier said \"All Muslims are terrorists\"? I was not able to get a lot of names and badge numbers because I was afraid that I was trying not to be arrested. Every time I tried to decline to answer a question I was threatened with being taken to the police station. (I felt that it was a threat of arrest). It went on for over 4 hours. I lost count at 12 cops. The final total was 12 Pomona officers, 4 LASO deputies and 2 LASO detectives. I remember one detective...but I was told that there were 2, although I never saw the second one. The detective talked to me for 2 or 3 minutes, then said we were free to go. I was then threatened again to not come back or I would be arrested. I asked \"what for?\" I was told \"tresspassing.\" (I was never charged with any crime.)

Complaint Filed

Posted By: Anonymous (send a private message)

On: 06/19/2011

I made a complaint. When I turned it in, a Seargent Stone took my report and said \"you have to expect that, it\'s a sensitive area.\" But I had not done anything wrong!!!

Seargent Robert Devee was the officer from Internal Affairs who handled my complaint. I asked him if I had broken any laws. He said no. I told him about being threatened with arrest if I came back, and he said \"oh that\'s just frustration talking!\" (They violated my rights, but THEY are the ones who are frustrated????) I was not happy about that excuse. After I finished testifying, my witness testified. While my witness was testifying I said I wanted to go to the train depot to watch trains while I waited. Seargent Devee said \"you are not breaking any laws. It is not tresspassing to be there!\" But if I was not breaking any laws, WHY was it ok for these officers to harass me???

After about a month, I got the results

Allegation #1...
340.35(u) Exceeding lawful police officer powers by unreasonable, unlawful or excessive conduct.
Response: Exonnerated
(When the investigation discloses that the alleged act(s) did occur, but that the act(s) was justified, lawful and/or proper.

WHAT????????????????? There was no explanation as to why it was justified.

Allegation #2...
340.33(a) Discriminate against any person because of age, race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, marital status, physical or mental disability or medical condition.
Response: Exonerated.
WHAT????????????????????? This is unbelievable...they are allowed to discriminate and profile, and it is ok??????????

Allegation #3...
340.32(i) Discourteous, disrespectful or discriminatory treate of any member of the public...
Response: Not Sustained

(Not Sustained: When the investigation discloses sufficient evidence to establish that the act(s) occurred and that it constituted misconduct.)
I\'m sure that there was a code of silence thing going.

I complained a few months after the fact because I did not know there was a complaint proceedure at first. While I was testifying, I CLEARLY saw a police report. When I contacted the police department, however, I was told that \"we are unable to find a police report.\"

Additional Witness

Posted By: Anonymous (send a private message)

On: 06/19/2011

Response: Not Sustained (Not Sustained: When the investigation discloses sufficient evidence to establish that the act(s) occurred and that it constituted misconduct.)

Not Sustained should have said "When the investigation discloses that there is insufficient evidence to sustain the complaint or fully exonerate the employee."

Additional Witness

Posted By: Anonymous (send a private message)

On: 06/22/2011

Pomona Police Department is a corrupt department.

"The Pomona police force has a long history of controversy, including accusations of racial profiling, police brutality and a code of silence among officers. In 1996, an officer sued the city, alleging that his colleagues harassed him after he reported that officers were stealing money and planting drugs on suspects. More recently, the department was accused of targeting Latinos by setting up traffic checkpoints during holidays like Cinco de Mayo and using what Councilwoman Cristina Carrizosa called "Gestapo"-like tactics."
Source: Los Angeles Times


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