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On: 10/18/2013

As complex as the case is, please click the link below, or paste it to your browser:


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On: 10/18/2013

To All Persons Concerned:

Before reading this email and following the link provided within the body of this letter, please be aware that a little boy who is ten years of age, an award winning private school student, is in immediate danger. I humbly request that you use the link provided herein to obtain the details of the situation of which I am presenting to you today. The entire situation is based on the Minnesota, Cottage Grove police department's ongoing efforts to suppress any and all information. The Cottage Grove police department has been made well aware that the unlawful arrest that is leading up to attempted murders of three people, one of whom was a millionaire who was deceived then falsely arrested, will mean a multi million dollar lawsuit against the Cottage Grove police department

Please be advised that the information contained herein is of an extremely sensitive nature, so much in fact, I wish to remain anonymous at all junctures. Given the literal dangers and attempted murders involved, your immediate attention is requested. I would not be presenting this letter to the Attorney General's Office and various other divisions of law enforcement if there was a lack of evidence, but every statement herein is well defined as having various forms of material evidence to support each and every claim. I am a person who has been studying this case and something has to be done. There is an innocent little boy who is currently in a state of danger based on the actions of two adults; Noel Peter Delgado and a Christopher James Porth. Porth is currently being investigated in Minneapolis, Minnesota for sex related crimes, and has two other investigations against him (Porth), both of which are narcotic related, but Cottage Grove police are attempting to suppress any and all information to prevent a multimillion dollar lawsuit from taking place against them (Cottage Grove Police Department).

During the early part of 2012, a Noel Peter Delgado went to the Woodwinds Hospital, located in Woodbury, Minnesota, to see a patient; the patient is a Christopher James Porth. The patient, Porth, requested a "no visitor policy". In hearing that, Delgado then loudly addressed the security guard as being a "fu**ing nig*er". Delgado is currently employed by 3M. Delgado currently retains a position in the diversity department. As a result, Delgado was then forced to take "sensitivity courses." Please contact the Woodwinds Hospital Director for full details of the incident, as it remains on record. It is Delgado's obsession with Porth that would lead him (Delgado) to engage in various criminal activities and felonies in order to retain the interest of Porth. The information in this paragraph was the start of many poor actions Delgado had taken to keep Porth interested in him (Delgado).

Below is the very first action Delgado had taken to gain Porth's interest and trust.

Delgado, being a licensed lawyer in the state of Minnesota, during the course of a narcotics investigation (in Washington County, Minnesota), Delgado came in conflict with an ongoing narcotics investigation against Porth. The Drug Enforcement Agent assigned to the case then contacted the Minnesota Bar requesting that the ethics committee perform a reevaluation of Delgado's ethical conduct. The name of the investigating drug enforcement agent at the Sheriff's Office was a Michelle Folendorf. After Porth had witnessed that Delgado held the "power" to stop any and all investigations against him (Porth), Porth elected to establish a sexual relationship with Delgado. Furthermore, in a completely separate case, Porth is also being investigated by the Oakdale, Minnesota Police Department, and was the "main person of interest" in the theft of morphine from an animal clinic where Porth was formerly employed. The name of the clinic is The Animal Clinic and Referal Service of Minnesota. Porth was terminiated shortly after, and it is to my understanding that the main reason for Porth's termination was that Porth had the only other key to the room where the drugs were stored and stolen.

Porth does have four (4) criminal records stemming out of Orange County, California. Delgado had flown out during the latter part of 2012 in an attempt to have Porth's criminal records expunged.

There is a court hearing on the 25th of October (eight days from now) in which Delgado is being sued by the birth father of Colin Anthony Sandve. Delgado engaged in the unlawful act of submitting false information to a Court of Law, which was then submitted to the courtroom of the Honourable Judge William Ecstrum. The guardianship papers that were written and submitted by Delgado was a means of Delgado's continued attempts to satisfy Porth's request. Delgado has been acting and continues to act on desperate measures to retain Porth's interest; no matter the consequences involved. Colin Anthony Sandve is the son of Mr. John Gust Sandve, and Colin, or "Anthony" is a ten year old boy.

As a result of Mr. Sandve taking legal action against Delgado for unlawfully obtaining guardianship of his son, several attempts have been made of the lives of Mr. Sandve and Mr. Shimizu; Mr. Shimizu is not only an eye witness to Delgado and Porth's illegal activities, but a victim as well. Both Mr. Sandve and Mr. Shimizu have been in hiding after the last attempt was made on their lives with a gun. The first time Mr. Shimizu and Mr. Sandve were shot at was in Cumberland, Wisconsin, when a car pulled up beside them on a main street, and opened fire on their car. The police were called and there is an ongoing investigation. The last attempt made on their lives was in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, and once again, the attempt on Mr. Shimizu and Mr. Sandve's lives was executed with a gun. Please keep in mind that between the first and last attempts, other attempts were taken to murder Mr. Sandve and Mr. Shimizu.

To further validate that Delgado has the potential to submerge himself (Delgado) into deeper criminal activities, as to continue pleasing Porth, please copy and paste the following link to your browser:

Assuming that you had viewed the link above and read it in its entirety, I trust you can understand the importance of why I wish to remain anonymous.

During the course of an investigation, it was discovered that Delgado has been furnishing private 3M company information to outsiders, which in turn provides outsiders with an advantage on their investments. To validate this statement, Delgado had a personal checking account with TCF Bank. The TCF Bank corporate office forcibly closed Delgado's account; the noted reason for the forced closure was "account holder suspected of money laundering".

Based on the severity of Delgado and Porth's ongoing crimes, I am presently and discreetly working with several divisions of law enforcement. I urge the Attorney General and various other divisions of law enforcement, and any entity within the power to take immediate action as well to stop Delgado, Porth, and the Cottage Grove police department. The Cottage Grove police department is just as guilty as Porth and Delgado. The multiple attempts at murdering three people (the third person is named in the link provided above) cannot possibly be dismissed. This is a serious case with major criminal activities. Please do all that you can to help one little boy who was noted at his former school as being "a student being prepared by his father to grow up helping people"

Delgado is not the father, nor is Porth, the person suspected by two separate attorneys as sexually molesting the little boy. The self taken pornographic photographs of Porth, provided within the link above speaks volumes!

In closing, I am a private investigator hired by the family and victims of the heinous crimes mention herein. I thank you for your time.

Complaint Filed

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On: 10/18/2013

From the onset of helping the family, I was on a conference call when Ms. Markowitz, Mr. Shimizu and Mr. Sandve had contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and during the initial conversation the family had with the FBI, the FBI agent was very interested in the case, and stated they would call the family back. After an hour of waiting, the FBI agent, by the name of Koris, called the family back. Koris was extremely rude and stated that he had just spoken to the Cottage Grove Police Department, and requested that no one in the family ever contact him via email, phone or fax again. The agent then hung up the phone on the family. Such action is most unacceptable! But the action of Koris does speak volumes of the Cottage Grove Police Department's attempt to cover up their unlawful actions.


Posted By: Anonymous (send a private message)

On: 04/22/2014

I am the half younger sister to Jeremy Shimizu and my family & I would like some answers to the what's happened to my brother. We hadn't seen or heard from him in almost 20 years and now I am finding out why. I would like some answers and help in finding my nephew Anthony and my brother Jeremy. My father deserves closer before he gets any older and forgets him. It's not fair that I am losing out on my brothers life and family. I need answers (WE NEED ANSWERS)!!!! PLEASE HELP ME. NO COVER UP OF BULLSHIT PLEASE. IT'S NOT FAIR.

Rebuttal By Police

Posted By: Lesawaing Lesawaing (send a private message)

On: 09/27/2019

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